Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's a GONER!!

 Soooooo... I've moved. To here. Please come and see me... It's been fun here buuuuut... it's time for a little house cleaning!

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love love LOVE you ALLLLLL!

-Whitney =)

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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Beautiful Ms.Jenny!!

Jenny and her mom are amazing people!! I mean UHHH-MAAAAY-ZING!!!! I got the privilege of shooting Jenny's senior pictures, she graduated from Collinsville!! YAY!!! =D Jenny also won state in cross-country running, this year! How could she NOT win!?! I mean CHECK OUT THOSE LEGS!!! =) We had QUITE an adventure on our shoot, once we finally started it! (Jenny and her AWESOME mom came and rescued me from BEGGS, Oklahoma!!!-STICK TOWN USA!!!) My car had completely blown up, but that's another story for another place. ha! Anyways, we had SOMUCHFUN! I was kinda sad at the end of our session, they were so fun to hang out with!! =) Jenny is a gorgeous girl as you can tell in her pictures... LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!!! gaaaah!!! =D Enjoy!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hangin' with the boys...

Everyone meet Sundance and Valentino... Boys, meet everyone. =) I have the privilege of spending a little more than a week with these two lovely chaps. I'm house sitting for their ma and pa! These are the best dogs anyone could ask for!! Seriously! They are so well behaved it's crazy... I'm pretty sure they think they're half human. lol! You should see what they will do for a treat! =) I decided to do a couple of portraits of them, I'm sure their mommy will be proud!! =D

<3 <3 <3

Monday, May 31, 2010

City girls gone country!!!

Last week I took two of my friends Sheramy and Shenay out on a shoot! We had a blast out in the country... Bugs the size of HELICOPTERS and seed ticks!!! ...bleh!! They were so much fun to work with! Unfortunately the lens I used was messed up... It got dropped the day before, but I wasn't sure how it would effect the image quality. Turns out the lens now acts like a tilt-shift... wellllll kinda. lol! Anyways, we didn't get to keep as many pics from the session because of that. GOOD NEWS though, I got a NEW lens!!!!! YAY!!! Thanks Jeremy Charles!! =D It's a 70-200mm and I'm IN LOVE!!!!! Back to school tomorrow, I've definitely enjoyed this 5 day weekend! =D



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's get funky with it!!!

This past weekend we had our 5th Sunday Celebration at our church. Yes it was the 4th Sunday of the month buttttt our Pastor decided to move it to this past weekend because the actual 5th Sunday of the month is on Memorial Day weekend. It's a pretty cool deal, we have 6 daughter works, or small churches we've started in nearby cities. Let's see... we have Beggs, Kellyville, Keifer, North Tulsa, Owasso, and our newest- East Tulsa. On our 5th Sunday Celebration all of the people from our daughter works get together at our main church for a service and then potluck dinner afterwards. I was out having fun with the kids on the playground and got some shots of the kids playing. I used a few shots of Kylie going down the slide to create a pretty crazy panoramic!! I used this for our creative pano assignment that The Amazing Kelly Kerr gave us over the weekend.


Monday, May 24, 2010


This is an assignment I did  for my Studio 2 class at the beginning of this trimester. We were studying the 6 different lighting techniques. I used the lovely Miss Shelby as my model for the assignment. I LOVE using her as a model, she is ohhh so much fun!! She's also one of my bestest buds!!! I posted a sneak peak from our shoot a while back but because of her hottness, I've got a TON of requests to see more!! So due to the THRONG of people wanting to see these beautiful pictures, here they are! haha I love you Shelbs!!! =D

Two posts in one day, I know!!!!!! Cuz I'm THAT awesome! =D



We've been playing around with photomerge in Photoshop at OSUIT lately... Once you finally get it to work it's pretty cool! =) I can't wait till we get CS5 on campus... EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!! I wanted to get a cool shot of downtown from somewhere up high for my landscape shot, so I went to Chandler Park in West Tulsa. It was a blah day in Tulsa, real rainy and groggy out. The next pano has my lovely brother in it who LOVES to model for me... ahhh not so much but he's usually willing to go out with me if I give him some type of reward later. This time it was letting him go home and play Playstation all afternoon! I'm a wonderful sister aren't I?!? =) BTW, we're having some lovely humidity here in Oklahoma, if you're not here you're missing out!! errrr...

Stay cool! =)


oh. On a side note, both of these were shot with an 85mm fixed focal length manual focus lens. It's fun to play around with because it's faster than my kit lens but sometimes it's hard to get the focus nailed. I do enjoy experimenting with it though... It's getting time for a new lens or two!!